Every year the market goes through a peak in the valley. All stats rise in the spring and fall in the fall. This year is no different. To say that sales or inventory are up in April compared to March or February is ludicrous because that happens every year.

What is relevant is how those months compare to the same months in previous years. When we compare the first 4 months of 2019 to 2018 we find that the market continues to slow. However, it is a moderate slow down and we still have a very active market in all 3 zones. When we compare the sales in first 4 months of 2019 to the same 4 months of 2008 we find that our average sales are up over 30% compared to 2008. This gives you an idea as to the strength of our market and just how robust it still is. 2019 will maintain this trend into next year where it will likely start to slowly increase.