All licensed Realtors carry Errors and Omissions Insurance in BC. This is one of the most important but also most unknown services that a Realtor brings to your table as a buyer or seller. Everyone makes mistakes. Even the best most educated and experienced Realtor will eventually make a mistake. What happens when that mistake costs a customer money? Although it is rare each year there are deals that go badly because a Realtor makes a mistake where the Realtor’s E&O insurance covers the customer’s losses.  Sometimes the damages are into the 6 figure areas. Our Errors and Omission insurance brings with it a sense of security for buyers and sellers that they will not end up paying for a Realtor’s mistake. When a buyer or seller makes a mistake that results in a 6 figure claim and a Realtor is not involved, it is up to the party at fault to cover that fine.  It’s funny that we would never drive a car without insurance but people sometimes think nothing of going into the biggest transaction of their lives without insurance.  

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