One of the concerns of sellers in this very hot market, with very low inventory, is if they sell their home there won’t be anything that is suitable to buy. Many Realtors are not aware that there is an easy fix for this dilemma. Real Estate contracts usually have conditions on them, designed to let the buyer go through their due diligence process, like securing financing and having the home inspected, etc. These conditions are usually for the benefit of the buyers. However, in this case, your Realtor can put a condition on the contract that is for the benefit of you, the seller. It would go something like this, “Subject to the seller finding suitable accommodation on or before (Date of a couple weeks after the acceptance date). This condition is for the benefit of the seller.” What this condition does is allow the sellers to get out of the sale of their home, if they can’t find a new home that is suitable to their needs. The sellers can list their home feeling confident that they will not end up homeless if it sells.

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