The biggest change in most industries in the last 30 years is the internet. Real Estate is no different . 30 years ago people came to Realtors and said,”I want you to find me a house”. Today people come to a Realtor and say, “I want to see these houses”. That is a fundamental change in the process of how we as an industry help people buy and sell houses.

30 years ago, to sell our listings  we put an ad in the newspaper, a sign on the lawn and if it was priced right another Realtor would go into the Multiple Listing Service of our board find the home and sell it to their buyers. Today that is still a very effective part of the selling process. But it is not everything. Today, long before Buyers contact a Realtor they are searching on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,, Zillow, and a host of other online portals for Realtors to portray their listings.

30 Years ago Realtors did not do much in the way of marketing. Today, the marketing is vital to not only a successful sale but also the price at which a property sells at. Studies have shown that the more people a property is exposed to the higher it will sell for. When you choose your Realtor to sell your house look at their marketing plan. Are they going to expose your home to as many buyers looking on the web as possible. That is the way to get the most money and the fastest sale.