A manufactured home is a blanket name that covers mobile homes, pre-fab homes, park models, and recreational vehicles. Essentially anything that was built in a factory instead of on site. These homes cause a great deal of problems in our business mainly for 2 reasons. First, a lot of REALTORS do not understand the rules and second, a lot of sellers do not want to agree with the rules. The rules state that when a new unit leaves the factory it is stamped with a label or sticker (Usually a CSA Sticker but not always) that states that it is electrically sound and compliant when it leaves the factory.  If there is ever any change to the electrical system the work must have a permit or be re-inspected. Here is the part that causes problems; even changing a light fixture has to be done under permit. A built-in dishwasher, water heater, furnace or any addition or porch that has a light in it all have to be done under permit. Virtually any change to the electrical system at all must be either done with a permit from a qualified electrician or it has to be re-inspected. If the listing REALTOR is not aware of the rules and he or she sells your manufactured home for you, the buyers or any subsequent buyers can come back on you for selling the home illegally. To top it all off the rules state that it cannot be advertised, listed or sold without having the proper electrical certification. Manufactured homes are one of the most misunderstood concepts in the Real Estate business today. Oh by the way, at Century 21 all our Realtors are trained on manufactured homes twice a year.